Rika Nakajima (中島 理加)

Beloved for her role as Mariko in Human Japanese, Rika is a central contributor to Satori Reader, lending her skills as writer, voice actor, audio editor, and project manager. Working in close cooperation with our team members in Japan, her goal is to create content that encompasses the broad range of written and spoken Japanese that students will encounter in the real world.

Rika's resume includes experience working at a Tokyo television production company, where she executed a variety of roles, including voice acting assignments. Her style of narration is marked by its clear, upbeat, and often playful qualities.

Rika also spent five years at Goldman Sachs Tokyo, an invaluable opportunity to work in a cross-cultural role, putting her Japanese and English skills to use in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Today, Rika makes her home in the Seattle area, where she can often be found enjoying such activities as hiking and kayaking the Pacific Northwest. She sincerely hopes Satori Reader helps you on your journey.